The All new Polaris Xpedition

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Polaris Carves a New Path for Side-By-Sides & Outdoor Adventure with Polaris XPEDITION –
a First-Of-Its-Kind Adventure Vehicle That Elevates Outdoor Pursuits
Polaris Off-Road, the leader in off-road vehicle innovation, is
once again driving the industry forward with a rst-of-itskind side-by-side platform – the all-new Polaris XPEDITION.
The 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP and ADV create an entirely
new category of “adventure side-by-sides,” combining the allterrain capabilities of traditional side-by-sides with comfort
and cargo capabilities typically associated with overlanding
at the highest level.
Designed with a host of standard features and optional
congurations to accommodate the greatest range of
outdoor pursuits and enable consumers to keep chasing
the wild, the Polaris XPEDITION is the most adaptable,
comfortable and capable adventure machine on the market.
“In light of the incredible growth of the adventure segment,
we decided to dramatically change the game with a vehicle
From Camping & Kayaking to Mountain Biking, Hiking & Beyond, Polaris XPEDITION is Designed to
Go Deeper Into the Backcountry & Carry the Gear, Whatever the Adventure May Be
Adaptable, Comfortable & Capable, All-New Adventure Vehicle Offers 114-Horsepower Engine, FOX® Suspension, Available
Heating & Air Conditioning, Five-Seat Con guration, 200+ Mile Fuel Range* & Polaris’ Widest Range of Accessories

that takes no cues from predecessors and leads the way
for an entirely new side-by-side experience,” said Reid
Wilson, Vice President, Polaris Off Road Recreation. “Our
goal was to bridge the worlds of traditional side-by-sides and
overlanding with a vehicle that allows the most passionate
adventurers to go farther and deeper than ever and discover
totally new destinations and experiences.”
With the Polaris XPEDITION lineup, Polaris has created a new
category of “adventure side-by-sides” – vehicles designed to
enable and elevate the broadest range of specic outdoor
pastimes and pursuits. To date with recreational side-bysides, the driving experience itself has been the predominant
focus of design and development. Conversely, with utility
side-by-sides, the emphasis has been on labor- and joboriented benets. With Polaris XPEDITION, Polaris’ design
and development efforts were focused on elevating outdoor
adventure, delivering a level of adaptability, comfort and
capability to go farther into the wild, allowing new customers
to explore the outdoors unlike ever before.
“We identifed a definitive opportunity in the market around
outdoor adventure and an increasing amount of consumers
pursuing outdoor experiences, from the more traditional
things like camping, hiking, hunting and shing, to more
sport-oriented, athletic pursuits like mountain biking
or kayaking,” said Steve Menneto, President, Polaris Off
Road. “We are driving our industry forward, once again, with
innovation in the adventure side-by-side market to meet the
needs of passionate adventurers.”

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